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Outlined Advantage Solve Photo

1.The line of the body with a leakage protection switch to protect the personal safty。When hazardous leakage current,Switch trip cut off the total power supply automatically .Good grounding line.The user needs to provide ground resistance of less than 5Ω ground piles.so that the line is good.The use of isolation transformaer.improve the operating safty factor.Each discrict uses a separate transformer to facilitate maintenance and replacement .Each set up a stop lamp switch in the light bulb section .press the emergency button .the line body will stop. when emergency

2.The body adopts sheet metal with tinted glass windows .both to prevent the light glare and provide a good view




1: Effectiveness, to ensure that the production capacity of the same time to effectively reduce labor costs;

2: Single line UPH can reach 900-1200PCS (need to be reduced by the actual increase in function bit and manual);

3: Production of the whole process is only 8-10 manual, to complete the traditional manual production line of people's production capacity, the annual savings of about 200 yuan, more than yuan. At the same time effectively ensure product quality;

4: Single station modular design, without stopping production, assembly line a work station failure, instant detachable bus, rapid repair, overhaul period the site process can be by artificial substitute production;

5: Compatible with the upgrade: the assembly line of any process site to generate changes in demand, can be immediately upgraded.


Automatic assembly: Clients on the basis of the characteristics of the product structure, to achieve zero parts automatic material, automatic
positioning, automatic stroked line, automatic welding, automatic dispensing, automatic screw, automatic riveting, defective product automatic elimination etc. function, lamps and lanterns automatic assembly, and automatic feeder aging line.

Automatic test:Safety and electrical parameters detection, the main detection parameters: voltage, insulation, voltage, current, power, power factor, etc