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Outlined Advantage Solve Photo

1: is designed for TLED light pipe. The six light tubes are in the same time;

2: standard models can be used with the glass tube length is 600mm, 900mm, 1200mm (other sizes can be customized);

The precise control of 3: PLC module with high precision, sliding rail, automatic gluing, casing process etc.;

4: dispensing assembly after holding pressure, time can be set on the touch screen;

Separate detection of 5: glass tube, any position Queliao can automatically close the corresponding dispensing valve;

6: head separate control, adjustable amount of glue.

1: six rubber road respectively with independent dispensing valve, the precise amount of glue, glue glue quickly, clean, not drawing, no leakage;

2: six station equipment design, and six product dispensing, the production efficiency is increased by six times;

3: holding time can be based on the characteristics of the glue, through the touch screen arbitrary settings;

4: dispensing casing station completed in the same industry, realize the automation of production;

5: a device can be compatible with a variety of length specifications of the product, the higher the utilization rate of equipment.


The lamp are artificial materials to the positioning module and strip on a positioning module on the operator, press the start button, a rubber head to a predetermined position.

 The clamping device for lamp which is positioning module is moved to a predetermined position, module when the lamp lights on the front reaches a rubber head position.

 A rubber head start rubber when the lamp positioning module on the light at the end of Swiss reach out plastic head position, head off glue, light bar to move.

 when the light reaches the end of the rubber head position, lights move back out and rubber head to move at the same time, right out of a lamp holder plate, stop until the end of a light bar inserted into the lamp post.

Lamp seat to move downwards, the lamp and finished gum light bar under the action of the elastic force of the adhesive, then lamp climb back to the original location, light bar fallback to the initial and tube positioning module fallback to the initial position.