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Outlined Advantage Solve Photo

The equipment is  for LED lamp  and energy-saving, lamp locking nail, light test.

Automatic equipment send nail synchronization to achieve press light nail, locking cap and plastic parts, light test processes in the same work station.

To improve the product quality and the production efficiency, save the pipeline operator, the operation is simple. Adapt to the specifications of E27/E26/B22 lamp holder, 8 pin 10 pin, 12 pin, 6 pin E14/E17 socket; 8 pin for customer choice.

1, the lamp pin through the vibration plate automatic feeding press, changing the pressure of the hand press is not the problem, but also greatly reduce the labor intensity of the operator.

2, unified lamp automatic locking, the improvement of artificial locking torsion is not uniform and low efficiency, improve product quality.

3, the whole lamp is lit, in advance will have a faulty lamp detection.

4. The height and depth of the lock point can be adjusted at any level.

5, three in one station, can save the maximum operator, while achieving production automation

Riveting equipment, automatic nail with counter, can record the number of times the lock cap.

The pressure regulating valve, screw riveting pressure,the ready lamp caps and plastic products, placed in the positioning hole of the equipment, both hands to operate the start button.

 Pressure module are pressing products, light nail through the automatic feed mechanism and rising cylinder press light nail, riveting point the pressing mechanism to cap and plastic more closely together, reduce the crooked, oblique, lamp plastic parts in place of poor quality products.