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Outlined Advantage Solve Photo

1: line body according to the production process to define the location of the station layout, according to the needs of the capacity to define the number of workers, the design of the fixture for 4 out of 1. The line body is designed for the upper and lower two layers of the circulating mechanism, the upper level is the working station, and the lower layer is the reflow layer;

2: using aluminum with transparent organic glass safety protection, elegant appearance, convenient observation and maintenance. Also for the customer visit bright horizons, clearly see every station of the details of the action, intuitive see production process;

3: uses three work stations for a module design, each independent control, according to the production process needs to adjust the position, more flexible;

4: line body single mode group of reference industrial elevator space design, suitable for industrial lift up and down;

 5: body artificial spaces reserved for the automatic feeding system is to upgrade the interface and automatic feeding system installation position reserved, increased feeding system to replace the manual operation, can achieve full unmanned.


1: effectiveness, to ensure that the production capacity of the same time to effectively reduce labor costs;

2: single line UPH can reach 900-1200PCS (need to be reduced by the actual increase in function bit and manual);

3: production of the whole process is only 8-10 manual, to complete the traditional manual production line of people's production capacity, the annual savings of about 200 yuan, more than yuan. At the same time effectively ensure product quality;

4: single station modular design, without stopping production, assembly line a work station failure, instant detachable bus, rapid repair, overhaul period the site process can be by artificial substitute production;

5: compatible with the upgrade: the assembly line of any process site to generate changes in demand, can be immediately upgraded.

Automatic assembly:

According to the characteristics of the product structure, the realization of spare parts automatic feeding, automatic positioning, automatic lamp, automatic rotating the cap, automatic punch, automatic filling glue, automatic locking screw, automatic soldering, automatic test, automatic penalty bubble gum and other functions, complete automatic assembly and upgrading automatic feeder aging line.

Automatic test:

Automatic completion of product safety and the electrical parameter detection. The main test parameters: the pressure resistance, the insulation, voltage, current, power, power factor, etc., and is equipped with manipulator automatically bad product into a poorly specified region.