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Scope Function Application Parameters

Apply for T8/T6 tube lamp, suit for 600,1200,1500 mm tube lamp screwing locking.


 it can detect the screw missing screw ,unstable screw, Loose screw etc  intelligently inspection, ensure the 100% good quality products not passed  the next station. This equipment has the lamp cap automatic synchronization locking

TLED Industry


Outline Size: (L*W*H)2500*700*1300mm
Drive Type :Precision stepper drive
Positioning Accuracy :±0.05mm
Slide Guide: import slide /Screw rod
Control System:PLC + TP sys
Screw feeding: air blowing type
Locked Efficiency: Min<5s
Input Voltage:220VAC、50HZ
Air pressure:0.4Mpa
Net Weight:300kg