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Scope Function Application Parameters

Automation for T8 tube on dispensing (on light source) plate of aluminum base board , then install it into glass(plastic) tube, then pressure maintaining, in order to adhesive the base board. Compatible tube length like as 600~1200mm( or option:1500mm、1800mm); aluminum length 600~1200mm(or option:1500mm、1800mm)

  The device can simultaneously dispensing and assemble 6 lamps, 6 dispensing head control switch Respectively , adjustable amount of glue. Lamp test respectively, it can automatically close the corresponding any lack material valve. The time can be set arbitrarily for Dispensing, assembly aluminum base board ; glass tube positioning and pressing mechanism holding pressure. Control system is used PLC +man-machine interface.


TLED Industry

Outline Size: (L*W*H)3600*1450*1800mm
Drive Type :Step motor+ Synchronous belt
Positioning Accuracy:±0.1mm
Glue Device : 2600ml Pressure bucket
Glue on/off : Pneumatic dispensing valve
Slide Guide : Imports slide
Control system :PLC +TP sys
Power Rating:1500W
Input Voltage:220V AC 50HZ
Air Pressure:0.6Mpa
Net Wight:400kg