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Scope Function Application Parameters

.The 1.1: line is used in the form of chain and carrier plate, and the frame is made of rectangular square;2: plate used for cold rolling. The surface spray is warm gray;
3: electric control uses electrical interlock, contactor often closed contact to achieve mechanical interlocking. The 110V\220V voltage is switched to the lock to prevent the high and low voltage network;4: uses a high quality conductive rail, which is connected with the chassis insulation by using an insulating support column. Use long life electric conduction wheel, good conductivity;5: power uses AC motor, reducer. Using frequency converter stepless speed regulation, line speed from 0-700mm/min can be adjusted. PLC and touch screen for effective man-machine conversation and control (each functional area corresponding to each control screen, each control screen can realize each functional area of operation and setting and Realization of function parameters adjustment and set). Touch screen adjustment parameter requires password authorization. Equipped with safety voltage control system.6: this line is equipped with leakage protection switch to protect the personal safety. When the leakage current is greater than or equal to 10mA, the switch can automatically cut off the input power supply and ensure the safety of the operator. Good grounding wire. The user needs to provide ground resistance of less than 5 of the ground pile, so that the line is good. Use of isolation transformer, improve the operating safety factor. Each functional area using a separate transformer to facilitate maintenance and replacement. The machine adopts sheet metal cover with tinted glass windows, to prevent light pollution;7: on the material level and the material level is set to light, so that it can be used in the material when the operator can distinguish whether the lamp is good or not, the operator can also be used to distinguish between the aging of the lamp is qualified

1: equipment dedicated to AC LEDT8/T10 lamp (0.6-1.5 m) and a variety of bulb lamp finished product testing aging. By high pressure and normal pressure, low pressure, high temperature, roaming and fluctuation in the simulation grid voltage on line lamp aging test, inspection lamp / bulbs without light, strobe, color, appearance and other undesirable quality phenomenon;
2: aging line, lower and aging, upper layer is provided for three voltage region and a non electric operating area; lower set to three voltage area, a total of seven district adopted the function of isolation transformer, improve the operation safety factor and the effective protection.
3: the power system adopts frequency conversion stepless speed regulation system, the operation is simple and convenient;
4: with the beat shock function, power and power down time can be adjusted;
5: with roaming function, all kinds of roaming voltage power time can be adjusted;
6: with a static aging function: the case of online body does not run, the aging of electricity;
7: Power: visual brightness;
8: the use of the touch screen and the programmable controller PLC as the control system, and installed over temperature and sound and light alarm function.

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outline size: (L*W*H) 13000*2200*1500MM
voltage: 380VAC
motion module: AC motor + speed chain
control : PLC+ touch screen control system
weight: 800KG