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T8-LED Assembly

  • .The 1.1: line is used in the form of chain and carrier plate, and the frame is made of rectangular square;2: plate used for cold rolling. The surface spray is warm gray; 3: electric control uses …See details
  • 1: suitable for T10, T8, T5, and other common specifications of the aging of the lamp, can be compatible with 1 feet, 2 feet, 4 feet, 3 feet, 5 feet of the tube, only adjust the length of the nee…See details
  • Automation for T8 tube on dispensing (on light source) plate of aluminum base board , then install it into glass(plastic) tube, then pressure maintaining, in order to adhesive the base board. Compat…See details
  • 1: the whole table full metal materials, aluminum alloy frame, PLC control system, mobile drive for linear bearing, a slide rail, a motor; 2: to achieve automatic double locking point, adapter with…See details
  • Apply for T8/T6 tube lamp, suit for 600,1200,1500 mm tube lamp screwing locking. See details
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