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Scope Function Application Parameters

Apply for LED lamp industry thermal grease dispensing etc. and dispensing or potting for all kind of electric products.


 By using four axis motion control system, accurate positioning of the dispensing position, accurate control adhesive volume, can realize single platform, double platform tilt rotary dispensing, dispensing pattern can realize X type, Y type, W type, and other patterns of mosquito repellent .The rotary dispensing valve, valve core ceramic unique to precise control of dispensing quantity, convenient replacement, convenient cleaning. The device has a position correction, replication, array, automatic positioning and dispensing process multi parameter set up, and fully guarantee the quality of glue and other powerful features


LED manufacturing industry.


 Outline Size:(L*W*H) 565*450*540mm
 Min Punching Dot:±0.02mm
 Power Rating:50W
 Input Voltage:220VAC、50HZ
 Air Pressure:0.5Mpa
 Net Weight:50kg
 Punching Pin Life:500000-1000000 Times