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Scope Function Application Parameters
Used for all kinds of consumption electron products’ screwing in assembly, such as mobile phone /cordless telephone /calculator/navigator/ audio/camera/note book/ pad/teaching machine /small household appliances…etc.

Have  smart detection function, like  missing screwing/screw stand out /screw loose…etc;

Good flexibility, like universal fixture for different size mobile phone;

Good generality: adapt for  M1.0-M4 by change in the screw guider
Perfect machine outline: small out line size is suit for  different cell line  configuration,
Auto mode  don’t need operator and no waiting time.


 Electron Industry

outline  size:570*610*640mm  (L*W*H)
             : 170*200*70mm(X*Y*Z)
Drive by:four axis step motor
Positioning   :±0.02mm
Control :PLC + TP
Screw feeding :vacuum pick up
Program  :teaching mode
Memory size:100group,100steps/group(to be modified)
Air pressure:0.4Mpa